narnia and christianity

narnia and christianity - Narnia: The Chronicles of Christ...

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Narnia: The Chronicles of Christ The children’s books written by C.S. Lewis about the Chronicles of Narnia are welcomed into Christian society because they relay the message of faith and Jesus Christ. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe , the book most recently made popular by the hit film contains Christian symbolism in the fight of good versus evil, as well as supposed Christian allegory when comparing the similar acts of martyrdom of the lion Aslan to the acts of Jesus Christ himself. The Pevensie children in the story of Narnia are referred to as the daughters of Eve and the Sons of Adam. 1 This holds obvious Christian undertone in that the faith suggests all humanity stemmed from these two beings that were created by God. 2 The Pevensie boys, Edmund and Peter, continue the Christian symbolism. Edmund, the traitor and troubled one, is an example of how in Christianity sinful greed leads one down a very destructive path. He is compared to Judas the traitor of Christ, because he joins forces with the evil White Witch, betraying his own brother and sisters. 3 Edmund represents those who do not follow the Christian faith when they become selfish and greedy and drift away from God. Fortunately, he eventually changes his ways and is forgiven, as transgressors are forgiven for their sins when they come to terms with Christianity and repent. 4 Peter, the eldest who becomes the noble and courageous King of Narnia represents the image of God reflected in all good Christians. He is compared to the Apostle Peter, continuing the righteous work of his predecessor, as the Apostle did with Jesus and King Peter does with Aslan. 5
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narnia and christianity - Narnia: The Chronicles of Christ...

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