war force - War A Global Comfort Zone Chris Hedges work"War...

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War: A Global Comfort Zone Chris Hedges work “War Is a Force That Gives Us Meaning” states that in the entire history of the human race less than thirty years can be considered times of global peace. 1 The constant culture of war is all too familiar and as Hedges suggests, only when one is in the midst of conflict, does life become apparent. War seduces not only those soldiers on the front lines, but entire societies – corrupting politics while dehumanizing the enemy. It is a habitual addiction as history tends to repeat itself over and over again. People have become engrossed in their own fallacies when unjustified means are disguised as honorable causes. Hedges begins his essay explaining the myth of war, the basis on which all destruction, both physical and psychological, is possible, and the underlying cause to the plagues of warfare. This rot problem never ceases to grow back with each coming war, emerging stronger and stronger as the American’s people’s minds become more and more unfiltered. Political leaders instill upon its citizens a number of bent truths and alleged presuppositions. They trickle down from the financially feasible potential of the war the government acknowledges, to the patriotic civilians that believe they are fighting for freedom. Administrators glorify their purpose and market the war in a way that will allow society to accept their decisions. The war is entertainment, advertised and manipulated, shipped out to television, newspapers, and radios. Society is quick and easy to accept the myth because it is more appealing to conform than stand alone. Leaders create myths of bad guys, and set up an exciting battle of good versus evil. 2 Though this misleading 1 Hedges, Chris. “War Is a Force That Gives Us Meaning,” New York: Anchor Books, 2002. 2 Ibid 22
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information is easy to oppose without solid proof, many are willing to fight and die so they can get a hand at heroism and defeat the bad guys. They will continue to do so as long as they can find the nobility in their cause, and the corruption in their enemy’s, despite the accuracy. President George W. Bush is guilty of translating this myth to the American people shortly after the 9/11 attack. Patriotism was at its highest and the government used this tactic to declare war. Skillfully labeling it “The War on Terrorism,” America believed they would be avenging their freedom. America turned a blind eye when evidence came about that claimed entry into the Middle East by American forces was a result of a desire for oil. The entertainment had already begun and the ratings were high. The government made the war alluring, bringing people of a particular nation together.
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war force - War A Global Comfort Zone Chris Hedges work"War...

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