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book report - Passage: "The walls are cracked and water...

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“The walls are cracked and water runs upon them in thin threads without sound, black and glistening as blood. We stole the candle from the larder of the Home of the Street Sweepers. We shall be sentenced to ten years in the Palace of Corrective Detention if it be discovered. But this matters not.” Pg. 18 Response: The world that Equality 7-2521 lives in is a futuristic world. It is a communist society where everyone is either “brothers” or “sisters.” In the future, they people have lost the technology of electricity, typewriters and cars. Capital punishment is in effect in the future, as seen when he is lashed for not being home in time. When Equality 7-2521 rediscovers electricity; he is shunned by the Council and is forced to run for safety in the Uncharted Forests. “Our name is Equality 7-2521, as it is written on the iron bracelet which all men wear on their left wrists with their names upon it. We are twenty-one years old. We are six feet tall, and this is a burden, for there are not many men who are six feet tall.” Pg. 18 Equality 7-2521’s name is a good example of the sub-oppressive government of his time. Instead of letting parents choose the name of their child, the government takes them as soon as they are born and gives them one word names. Equality’s speech tells a lot about him. His use of
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book report - Passage: "The walls are cracked and water...

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