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Micah - The Argument from Evil No person can go through...

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The Argument from Evil No person can go through life without suffering. When we are younger we go through the pains of falling of our bike, which at the time seems like a travesty. As we get older we experience greater calamities like the death of a loved one taken too soon. No person can escape these feelings of grief and sorrow. In the presence of pain we often question why this did happen to me, do I really deserve this? When we find no answers to these solutions we question the creator of this world we live in. Why would an all benevolent and power God permit such suffering, is it really necessary for our survival, and could he not stop these atrocities? For centuries man has complained of these problems never seeing the great goods that these necessary evils bring. In Hume’s Dialogues he states that there is much unnecessary pain and suffering in the world. There is no disagreement that within this world there is much pain and suffering, you can pick up any newspaper and discover that for yourself. However, to claim that pain and suffering is an unnecessary part of life is a bold statement. What would society look like today if no one had ever suffered? How much progress would we have made if there was nothing to improve upon? Why would we ever want to better ourselves if all we knew was pleasure and contentment? It is our pain and suffering that make us strive for something better. Mankind has not been a shiftless race we are constantly trying to improve upon the pains of the world. The high mortality rates of infants have lead to better treatment and understanding of child birth. The pains of once having to travel across country by horse drawn carriage encouraged the idea of cars and airplanes. There would be no need for such innovations in a complacent society.
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In the presence of all this pain and suffering we try the best we can to prevent as much as possible, yet evils still occur daily. As finite beings there is only so much that we
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