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Respiration Lab Report

Respiration Lab Report - Wednesday 8am External Respiration...

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Wednesday 8am External Respiration in Humans Introduction : The purpose of this laboratory was to observe the effects of change in airway length, exercise, and breathing rate on several characteristics of respiration including tidal volume, tidal air flow, and vital capacity (including inspiratory and expiratory reserves). Comparisons were made to measurements taken at rest, which served as the control group for this experiment. Increasing the airway length increased the volume of dead space in the respiratory pathway, which should serve to decrease the alveolar ventilation since less air will reach the alveoli. Exercise should increase the breathing rate and tidal volume, and therefore decrease the amount of reserve air available in the lungs. Changing respiration rates should have an inverse effect on tidal volume, since a longer breath allows more air to come into the lungs and a shorter breath doesn’t allow as much. Methods : First, the subject breathed at rest five breaths in and out, and then for the sixth breath inhaled and exhaled as much as he could. He repeated this procedure with the added dead space
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