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Discussion: Monday 10am, Brian Bowman Microtheme 1: Relation between gods and humans 1. Gods and humans communicate in many of the same ways that humans communicate with one another (i.e. have discussions through speech). (172, 192) 2. Gods are perceptive and sensitive to human thought and emotion (174, 192). 3. Humans transcribe messages they receive from gods onto paper. (175) 4. Gods seek to help and advise humans on how to find the way. (175, 177, 199). 5. Similar to humans, gods seek romantic mates and companions in the heavenly
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Unformatted text preview: world. (183, 187) 6. Gods manipulate situations and sometimes trick humans. (192) 7. Humans trust what gods tell them and are willing to sacrifice normalcy and their lives to follow the gods advice (193). 8. The gods know about and keep track of who is approaching death and transcendence (201). 9. Gods keep secrets between themselves and certain humans who they communicate with. (192, 202). 10. Humans can have predestined relationships with gods. (177)...
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