sleep - ((LTP - Long Term Potentiation)) Better encoding of...

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REM REM 'Sleep' is active, fast wave sleep REM - rapid eye movement associated with dreaming Complex tasks learned better with REM sleep 4 times per night 10 min. to 30 min. long Hippocampus Part of the Limbic System Memory Structure Theta Regularly repeating sinusiodal wave 6 cycles per second Produced by areas of the hippocampus (memory structure) & surrounding cortex Awake animal produce theta rhythm during behaviors learned for survival. Cats: predatory behavior Rabbits: aprehensive of environmental stimuli Rats: exploratory movements Asleep animal produced theta rhythm during REM. Theta waves function as signal enhancer
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Cell in the hippocampus fire longer in response to a single stimulus during theta wave production.
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Unformatted text preview: ((LTP - Long Term Potentiation)) Better encoding of memories. PGO SPIKES PGO: Pontine - Geneculate - Occipital (Brain stem - Thalamus - Visual Cortex) Originate in brainstem area (pons) Stimulates rapid eye movements Activates visual cortex & motor cortex Inhibits motor neurons in spinal cord Causes theta rhythm in hippocampus REM, Dreaming, Making Sense & Memory PGO spikes randomly activate the brain during REM sleep The day's information is on the 'desk top'. The frontal lobes strive to make sense of these random 'internal' sensations = dreams By activating theta rhythm, PGO spikes prime the hippocampus to "save" information Memory consolidation of the days events...
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sleep - ((LTP - Long Term Potentiation)) Better encoding of...

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