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Newsletter instructions

Newsletter instructions - two components 50 percent a team...

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JOU 2325 – Beginning Editing Dr. Owens Aug. 14, 2007 Instructions for turning in newsletter projects: Turn in a hard copy without hand corrections to me or my mailbox or door box by 10 p.m. Monday, Nov. 19. Newsletters submitted after 10 p.m. will be penalized for being late. Attach a memo. Include in the memo: -- Any details where the newsletter style breaks with AP style. -- Any technical problems you had with printing, etc. If you want me to look at the InDesign document to assess color, screens, etc., state this. -- Where on the server the InDesign document can be located, and what the final version is named. I may need to look at the InDesign document while grading, even if there aren’t graphics to look at. -- Which team member is individually responsible for which inside pages. As discussed earlier, each student’s project grade will be based on
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Unformatted text preview: two components: 50 percent a team grade for the front and back pages, design concepts and content decisions, and 50 percent an individual grade for specific inside pages. The only exceptions are where teams have come to me in advance and received permission to have the whole project graded collectively, or where I have made separate advance decisions about project grading as a result of unusual circumstances. Include my markups of previous drafts.-- Last reminders: Thoroughly check copy for accuracy . Also check the ends of stories ; alignment of the bottom of legs of type; type size, leading, justification, and indents; sizing of photos (no “fatheads” or “skinnyheads”); and the one-pica rule . Most of the deductions come from these categories....
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