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Editor as Leader-2 - Brittany Slater JOU 2325.01(last quiz...

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Brittany Slater JOU 2325.01 November 30, 2006 (last quiz – short essay on the topic “The Editor as Leader”) Due to the changes that have been occurring in the news industry the past few decades, including the audience, workforce and types of news medium, the role of editor has evolved to include more public relation and human resource skills. Today’s editor must have a high amount of energy and impeccable people skills, for they represent the newspaper in the community as well as control the workplace for their employees. Editors must be able to connect with their audience and authentically listen to feedback. Inside the office, they must encourage and coach their reporters so they’ll become better writers. One of the most effective things an editor can do is set goals for the publication as a whole and each worker individually. When a writer and an editor are in agreement on a goal, it’s much more likely to be achieved. Many people believe the changes that have occurred in the style and demeanor of editors is a deterioration of the fierce, news-addicted editors of the past. However, by giving reporters more freedom to make decisions in their reporting, the stories can be filled with more passion and thus be of more appeal to the audience. The greatest lesson I learned from my newsletter experience was how to effectively deal with difficult writers. It seemed every time we set a deadline, the writer would keep moving it back. However, because our writers were also our clients, we couldn’t look for other writers or try other stories. One way we remedied the situation was by coaching the writers in their stories, including reading several drafts and offering suggestions. Though the average editor may not be this involved with their professional writers, they must be willing to help with problems that
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Editor as Leader-2 - Brittany Slater JOU 2325.01(last quiz...

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