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Media Literacy Presentation

Media Literacy Presentation - Questions to answer What are...

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Media Literacy Presentation You will complete a group presentation on any topic concerning media literacy. This will account for 15 % of your final grade. Project Outline: 2-3 people per group 15 min per group 3-5 primary sources 3-5 secondary sources At least one visual Possible Topics: Freedom of Speech Freedom of the Press Media and Democracy Media and Iraq War Bias in Media
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Unformatted text preview: Questions to answer: What are all aspects of the issue? How does the issue effect public consumption of media? Why should we care? Written portion will answer these questions, five page minimum. Important Dates: Oct. 22 Topics, groups and preliminary sources due using AP style. Nov. 21 Rough draft due (optional) Nov. 28 Presentations...
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