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AP style - AP style Knowledge of AP style is one of the...

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AP style Knowledge of AP style is one of the basic skills we are expected to master. Given the inconsistencies and periodic modifications in the AP Stylebook, it's not easy to stay sharp. Each reporter should be familiar with the stylebook. In addition to resolving style questions, it contains useful topics on many topics we encounter. Some listings come up so often that reporters should memorize them; in other cases, it's enough to know they're in the Stylebook. Cardinal rule: If there's the slightest doubt, check . Learn these: abbreviations academic degrees, departments, titles addresses black brand names capitalization collective nouns composition titles Congress county datelines dictionaries dimensions directions and regions essential clauses, non-essential clauses, essential phrases, non-essential phrases flaunt, flout fractions geographic names governmental bodies highway designations hyphen jargon legislative titles legislature like, as -ly military titles names nationalities, race numerals organizations and institutions people, persons Ph.D., Ph.D.s plurals possessives prefixes
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proportions punctuation (especially commas, colon, semi-colon and hyphenation) quotation religious references, titles state state names subjunctive mood suffixes temperatures time of day trademark who, whom women Helpful in many cases: average, mean, median, norm Bible burglary, larceny, robbery, theft catholic, catholicism church committee contrasted to, contrasted with Fahrenheit handicapped, disabled, impaired historical periods holidays Jehovah's Witnesses (In general, with religious denominations, if you have a question, check the stylebook. It contains good, concise descriptions of all mainline denominations.) judge Medicaid, Medicare man, mankind Mass (it's capitalized when it refers to a worship service.) metric system mile movie ratings nolo contendere
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AP style - AP style Knowledge of AP style is one of the...

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