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final exam study sheet - Ch 10: Types of Bias...

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Ch 10: Types of Bias – Ethical/racial bias; Corporate bias; Class bias; Political bias; Religious; bias; Sensationalism – entertainment news; Exaggerated influence of minority views Bias toward ease or expediency – This can be a tendency to present information which is already widely reported in other news media. The Bias Habit Cultural values ; Brain process – b/c of the way the brain processes info, people must categorize/label people & events; Objectivity – do not have to make a conscious effort to be biased, in fact, they may be trying to be unbiased; Adjectives & nouns – labels (characteristics a/b women, sex orient.) are offensive/usually imply inferiority/dangerous/oppressive; Model minority – a minority ethnic , racial , or religious group whose members achieve a higher degree of success than the population average . Pack Journalism – Often a derogatory term to describe tendency of news reporting to become homogeneous ; occurs because reporters rely each other for news tips/all dependent on one source for access (person they are covering) Breaking the Habit – Do not use cliché adjectives; Multicultural approach integrated into society from school textbooks to T.V. ads; many organizations have developed guidelines on language use. (racial/ethical, sexism, sexual orientation, disabilities, ageism, poverty, religion) Ch 11: Libel – an action for causing hurt or damage to someone’s reputation. If the action is in
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final exam study sheet - Ch 10: Types of Bias...

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