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DAY ITEM MEDIUM TIME CONTEXT WHY Wednesday 97.5 Radio 45 min in car driving ABC Family Television 1 hr 30 min with friend entertainment Thursday MTV Television 2 hrs at home boredom Facebook Internet 2 hrs at home boredom 97.5 Radio 1 hr in car driving Friday Google Internet 3 hrs at home boredom FX Television 1 hr with friend entertainment MTV Television 3 hrs 30 min with friend entertainment
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Unformatted text preview: Facebook Internet 45 min at home boredom Cosmopolitain Magazine 2 hrs 15 minsat home boredom Saturday ABC Family Television 1 hr at home entertainment 104.1 Radio 2 hrs 15 min in car driving Sunday Cosmo Magazine 45 mins at home boredom Facebook Internet 1 hr 15 min at home boredom Total 23 hrs...
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