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Chpt 10 # 2 - were 19 stories in the feature section. Of...

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Kelley Owens JOU 3372 – Chapter 10 # 2 November 21, 2007 Ethnic Makeup at Baylor University and in Waco, Texas The ethnic makeup of Baylor University is as follows: American Indian/Alaskan Native –one percent; Asian/Pacific Islander – one percent; African American – eight percent; Hispanic – ten percent; Caucasian– 69 percent; Other races– two percent; Race/ethnicity unknown – two percent. The ethnic makeup of Waco, Texas is as follows: Caucasian– 82,071; African American – 24,692; American Indian/Alaska Native – 186; Asian/Pacific Islander – 2,940; Other races – 7,002. Through out the week of November 14 – November 18 there were 25 stories in the news section of the Lariat. There were nine stories in the sports section and there
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Unformatted text preview: were 19 stories in the feature section. Of the 53 stories, ten of them focused on an ethnic group or issues related to an ethnic group. 18.87 percent of the stories in the Lariat focused on ethnic groups. 22 percent of Baylor University is not Caucasian and 30 percent of Waco is not Caucasian. The percentage of stories is closer to the percentage of Baylor than the percentage of Waco. Of the ten stories that focused on ethnic groups, five of them were positive, two were negative, and three were neutral. I believe that there were a fair number of stories about ethnic groups and I also believe that the types of stories represented in the Lariat were adequate as well....
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