1305 syllabus Sp08

1305 syllabus Sp08 - Introduction to Psychology PSY 1305,...

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Introduction to Psychology PSY 1305, Section 03, CRN 12505 Spring 2008 Class: MWF 12:00 - 12:50 AM, Baylor Sciences Building (BSB), D110 Instructor: Renee Michalski, Ph.D. E-mail: Renee_Michalski@Baylor.Edu Web: Lecture outlines: http://www3.baylor.edu/~Renee_Michalski Blackboard: https://my.baylor.edu/webapps/portal/frameset.jsp Textbook website: http://bcs.worthpublishers.com/myers8e Office: A308 - 3 rd floor, A wing, Baylor Sciences Building Office Phone: 710-2814 or PSY Dept. @ 710-2961 Office Hrs: M-F 9:30 -10:30 AM, or afternoon by appointment. Course Materials Required: Meyers, D. G. (2004). Psychology. (8th Edition). New York: Worth. ISBN: 0-7167-6428-8 Optional: Study guide is not needed and entirely optional. Publishers website with study aids and activities is listed above. Course Goals: This course serves as an introduction and overview of basic concepts, theories and current state of knowledge for a representative sample of areas within psychology including neuroscience, sensation and perception, learning and memory, development, personality, social, motivation, intelligence and psychological disorders. It will introduce major methods of study and research in psychology and provide some insight into how and why people think, feel and act as they do. I hope attending this course will spark an interest in and enthusiasm for the field of Psychology. Attendance: I uphold Baylor’s official attendance policy (Baylor University undergraduate catalog, 2006- 2007, p. 33): University policy requires that to earn credit in a course the student must be officially enrolled by the end of the second full week of the semester and attend at least 75% of all class meetings . . . ‘Any student who is not present for at least 75% of the scheduled class sessions for any course will automatically receive a grade of “F” in the course. Any University-related activity necessitating an absence from class shall count as an absence when determining whether a student has attended the required 75% of class meetings’. For an MWF class this means missing more than 11 class periods (including test days), whether excused or unexcused , will lead to an automatic "F" for the course. Leaving early or arriving late could be counted as a missed class. Being present for any class means that you are present, awake and attending to the presentation during the entire class period. Attendance will be taken by sign-in sheet for each row. This will be distributed the second class-day. The seat that you are in on the second day of class will be your seat for the rest of the semester. It is dishonest to sign in for someone else, even if they are just 'running a little late'. If a student arrives after the attendance sheet for their row is distributed, it is their responsibility to come up to the front of the classroom and sign the sheet at the end of that class period. You may not sign on another day or for another person.
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1305 syllabus Sp08 - Introduction to Psychology PSY 1305,...

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