reading quiz #1

reading quiz #1 - 1. Name: Kelley Owens 2. Hometown: Right...

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1. Name: Kelley Owens 2. Hometown: Right now, my family is living in Venezuela, but I call Conroe, TX home. 3. Major/sequence: Public Relations 4. Career plans: I plan to get my degree in Public Relations and then pursue a job in corporate PR. 5. “Amateurs do not know very much, professionals know almost everything .” 6. From the “crib sheet” handout, state four characteristics that news stories must have. Neutral in tone All in past tense All in third person 250 – 350 words 7. List the "do not's" in the academic honesty section of the syllabus. Do NOT plagiarize Do NOT auto-plagiarize 8. What’s the story on the departmental exam? (minimum of three points) The departmental exam on April 1 is pass-fail, and you have to make a 70 or above so that you pass. If you do not pass the exam, you will be given an incomplete. You then have the option of retaking the exam at the end of the semester. If you still do not pass, then you can retake the exam in the spring semester of 2008. 9. What can happen to you if you sleep, email, text-message, or take/make a phone call during class in 2325? You will be counted absent for that day or asked to leave the classroom or both. 10. What should be the “lead” on a resumé, and why? The lead on a resumé should be a summary of your qualifications (including any previous jobs and course work taken) so that the
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employer can see briefly what qualifies you for the job. 11. Why is 2325 set up to mimic the “workplace culture”?
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reading quiz #1 - 1. Name: Kelley Owens 2. Hometown: Right...

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