My new food experience

My new food experience - was very much like a melon to me...

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My new food experience For my new un-processed food experience, I tired a papaya. I read about it online and I read a few weird things like how it prevents pregnancy. I’m not worried about getting pregnant anytime soon, I just thought it was interesting. So I bought the fruit and cut it up. I first I was a little shocked because of all the seeds in the middle. This kind of reminded me of a pumpkin seeds except it almost looked like caviar. I took and bite and I actually liked the papaya! It reminded me of a melon starburst. The papaya
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Unformatted text preview: was very much like a melon to me because of how soft it was. There was just a sweet sort of taste to it which made it very easy to eat. I also tried a seed but those were no good. I was thinking that maybe you have to cook the seeds. All in all I am glad I tried the papaya because this was an interesting fruit that people do not eat everyday. I will be sure to recommend it!...
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