Introduction - A Look At Zero Tolerance Policing By Dan...

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A Look At Zero Tolerance Policing By Dan Schultz Fitchburg State College
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Introduction: Over the past twenty years police everywhere have been practicing zero tolerance policing. Zero tolerance policing focuses on disorder and minor crimes, the type of things that bring down the quality of life for everyone in the community. This paper will define zero tolerance in depth, discuss what types of crimes zero tolerance is being used for, the many problems with zero tolerance policies, and determine whether or not it is effective in controlling crime. Police officers have the right to deprive people of their liberty, to arrest them, to take them into custody and to use force to control them. In carrying out their professional responsibilities officers are expected to use discursion. In most aspects of policing, officers have a lot of discretion. They can assess what has happened, and determine what needs to be done in order to correct the situation. In this decision making process officers look at several different things including: the nature of the crime, the relationship between the people involved, relationships between the police and the people involved, the race, gender and age of the people involved and the policy of the department. If a crime is less serious to the public the officer has more freedom to over look it. Family problems is some cases aren’t as bad as the seem, and police are hesitant to make an arrest, due to the fact that after the fact spouses usually decide not to press charges. Officers may or may not know the people involved from previous situations, however a
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Introduction - A Look At Zero Tolerance Policing By Dan...

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