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MSIS2103Quiz#5withanswers - knowledge is called a spyware b...

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Wireless networks require a(n)_____, which has a jack that allows it to connect by cable to a standard wired  network. a) wired NIC adapter b) routing IDS c) wireless network interface card d) access point (IA) Devices that can help protect networks against attacks include a) NAT systems b) firewalls c) NIC devices d) (both a and b) e) (all of the above Computer software that can be placed on a user's computer to collect personal information without the user's 
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Unformatted text preview: knowledge is called a) spyware b) a firewall c) phishing d) pharming e) a configuration changer The name of a national credit-reporting agency is a) Equifax b) Experian c) TransUnion d) (all of the above) A firewall a) is designed to protect a network against malicious packets b) uses a set of rules to make decisions on whether to block, allow, or prompt c) is positioned inside a network d) (both a and b) e) (all of the above)...
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  • Spring '08
  • Dr.Kletke
  • Computer network, Wi-Fi, Wireless network, Wireless access point, Network Interface Card, standard wired network.

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