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MSIS2103Quiz#4withanswers - of data b can be used for...

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Quiz#4 Questions and Responses (Correct response has a *) 1. The order of the stages in the Decision-Making Value Chain (also called the value chain for data) is: a. data, decision-making, information knowledge b. information, data, decision-making, knowledge c. data, information, decision-making, knowledge *d. data, information, knowledge, decision-making 2. site http://www.tucows.com a. ranks software that it distributes using a scale of from 0 to 5 cows. b. is a site you can go to and download freeware and shareware c. is a notorious virus-producing site. *d. (both a and b) e. (none of the above) 3. Data mining a. is an analytical technique for finding interesting patterns in large amounts
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Unformatted text preview: of data. b. can be used for classification problems, such as whether a person might be at high risk for diabetes or not. c. is another name for text mining. d. is the same thing as a neural network. *e. (both a and b) f. (both a and c)\ 4. The Movie Prediction Model you learned about in class bases its results on a movie's a. star power b. technical effects c. genre d. (both a and b) *e. (all of the above) 5. A language that we routinely use to query a relational database is *a. SQL b . FORTRAN c. C++ d. COBOL...
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