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Quiz#3 Questions and Responses (Correct response has a *) 1. A _______ is a field that uniquely identifies each record in a file. *a. primary key b. foreign key c. a domain d. data link 2. A byte a. contains 8 bits. b. contains 6 bytes. c. is the amount of storage in a computer required to represent a single character. *d. (both a and c) e. (both b and c) 3. A _______ is a window on the screen that provides areas for entering or changing
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Unformatted text preview: data in a database. a. report *b. form c. field d. query 4. According to Mr. Dale Biros, their company's SDLC includes: *a. deployment b. observing c. practicing d. reading 5. A graphical user interface that is part of a DBMS and used to create queries on the database is called a. a GUI. *b. a QBE feature. c. a form. d. a report feature....
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