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MSIS2103Quiz#2withanswers - 4 RFID*a operates in a wireless...

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Quiz#2 Questions and Responses (Correct response has a *) 1. Vista is *a. an operating system for Windows computers. b. a new type of connective device. c. a new type of hardware. d. a search utility. 2. Instant Messaging a. is incapable of transmitting viruses from one computer to another. b. cannot be accomplished in a wireless environment. *c. functions in real-time. d. (both a and c) 3. The client-server model a. is a type of peer-to-peer network. b. is limited to 8 or fewer computers. c. is another form of Internet P2P network. *d. is a category of network architecture.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. RFID *a. operates in a wireless environment. b. transmits signals using light waves through fiber optics. c. requires a coaxial cable. d. (none of the above) 5. A logic bomb a. is a software program that is set to run on a computer at a specific point in time. b. executes a virus when it runs. c. is a hardware device. d. is a failure of program logic to operate correctly. *e. (both a and b) f. (all of the above)...
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