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Notes 2-21 - situation.”-Pursuing Happiness o...

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Health Applications - Stress o Unpleasant state of arousal resulting from taxing, demanding situation. o Severity depends on our appraisal (how we perceive and attribute) and coping . - Antecedents of Stress o Major crises and catastrophes o Major life changes o Daily microstressors - Effects of Stress o General Adaptation Syndrome Alarm (adrenaline, rapid heart rate) Resistance Exhaustion o Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) o Coronary Heart Disease o Weakens immune system - PNI (Psychoneuroimmunology) o Stress leads to release of hormones that weaken immune system o Stress leads to increase in unhealthy behaviors - Learned Helplessness o Acquired expectation that you have no control o Experiments with animals and shocks o Behavioral explanation for depression - Optimism o Positive correlation between optimism and health o Peterson et al. (1998) o Placebo effect - Resilience o Despite negative effects of stress, we have remarkable capacity for resilience. o One key: self-efficacy “I can do what it takes to produce a good outcome in this specific
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Unformatted text preview: situation.”-Pursuing Happiness o “Happiness” is very subjective o We rely on self-report measures Schwarz et al. studies o Factors that predict happiness Social relationships Employment Status Physical health o Factors that don’t IQ Physical attractiveness Money-Adaption-Level Theory o Present satisfaction depends on standard of comparison o We adapt to our surroundings and change expectations-Coping o Proactive coping (things we can do before stressful events occur) Advantages of self-complexity Benefits of social support Religion? o Problem-focused coping o Emotion-focused coping Not trying to change actual problem Changing your reaction to problem-Emotion-Focused Coping o Problems with thought suppression o Opening up and discussing negative events is often beneficial o Avoiding too much self-focus by channeling attention elsewhere o...
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Notes 2-21 - situation.”-Pursuing Happiness o...

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