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Assignment #2

Assignment #2 - The GAP Gender and Gender Socialization...

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The GAP: Gender and Gender Socialization Sylwester Czado Assignment #2 Instructor: Dr. Rosaria A. Pisa 10-16-06
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I conducted research as a sociologist by visiting the KIDS clothing section of GAP on its website. The purpose of this research was to analyze the clothing sections for boys and girls. This was done to learn more about gender and gender socialization in the KIDS GAP. I looked at the clothes at the GAP and had to apply the sociological imagination and perspective. I analyzed the clothing section for the boys in the KIDS clothing section. It was divided into two sections. The first was named “Our Top Picks” and the other was the “Departments.” “Our Top Picks” included New Arrivals, Picture-Taking Outfits, Special Values, Slim and Husky Styles, and Uniform. The New Arrivals included tops, bottoms, and accessories which were in the price range of $14.50-$39.50. The clothes were active wear, jeans, shirts, hats, shoes, scarves, and gloves. The clothes were various colors and there were many different sizes to fit all children. The Picture-Taking Outfits consisted of dress wear for boys to look like gentlemen. The Special Arrivals included tops and bottoms ranging from $12.99-$26.50. There were plain and striped polo shirts grouped with khakis. The Slim and Husky Styles held various kinds of tops and bottoms for slim and husky waists. These clothes also were at a reasonable cost and varied with “masculine” colors such as blue, black, green, and white. The uniform section included tops, bottoms, gym, accessories, and underwear. The prices ranged from $5.99-$34.50 and the colors were white, gray, and blue. The sizes
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Assignment #2 - The GAP Gender and Gender Socialization...

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