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Lab- Molecular Biology Sylwester Czado 10-10-06 Biology Lab, Section 5 Instructor: Matthew Blanchette
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Introduction I will amplify a small portion of my DNA, called the PV92 region of chromosome 16, contained within an intron. Some of us will have an ALU repeat element located within this DNA and some of us will not have it. The technique used is called Polymerase chain reaction (PCR). The purpose of this experiment is to sequence the human genome. I will use a template which is my own DNA taken from cheek cells. The process I will be following includes three steps which are denaturation, annealing, and extension. Then I will separate the DNA fragments on a gel and stain the DNA. This will enable me to visualize the sizes of the pieces amplified to determine if I have the ALU element or not. There are three possibilities of the ALU element which is (+/+), (-,-), or (+,-). Methods Write your initials with a Sharpie pen on all tubes and the cup. Pour the saline from the cup into your mouth and rinse it for 30 seconds. Do not swallow and then spit the saline solution back into the cup. Pour approximately 1 mL of your saline solution into the 1.5 mL micro test tube with your initials. Close the cap of the tube and bring it to the centrifuge in the stock room and place it inside. Make sure your initials are on it to identify which tube belongs to you. When all the tubes are placed in the centrifuge, the TA will spin the centrifuge for 2 minutes at maximum speed. Remove your tube and a small, solid, white pellet of cheek cells should be present
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bio lab - Lab- Molecular Biology Sylwester Czado 10-10-06...

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