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Sylwester Czado 12-5-06 Biology Lab- Physiology 1. When the Daphnia was under cold temperature, its heart rate decreased. Then when it was in room temperature, its rate increased. When the Daphnia was affected by alcohol, its heart rate decreased. However, when it was out of the alcohol, its heart rate increased. Then when the Daphnia was placed in caffeine its heart rate increased. Then its heart rate decreased after it was taken out of the
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Unformatted text preview: caffeine. 2. The effect of cold temperature lasted 10 minutes. The effect of alcohol also lasted 10 minutes. However, the effect of caffeine lasted a little longer than the other two experimental conditions. 3. I think that these chemicals do have similar effects on humans because cold temperature and alcohol reduce our heart rate, while caffeine increases our heart rate....
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