PSC 113, War in Iraq

PSC 113, War in Iraq - War in Iraq Sylwester Czado PSC 113...

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War in Iraq Sylwester Czado PSC 113 Recitation Kevin Donnelly 11-28-05
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Ever since September eleventh, fear of terrorism has escalated globally. Some countries believe in a pre-emptive strike as an offensive to end terrorism in its tracks. Other nations do not wish to antagonize hostilities any further and remain either neutral or obstinately defensive. The issues surrounding the world’s opposition or support of the attack on Iraq originate from the fear of losing national security. Rumors of Hussein owning weapons of mass destruction circulated prior to the war, instilling fear in the leaders of vulnerable nations. Though this was the reason for the Bush administration’s desire to go to war, his opponents only believed that this could lead to more peril. It has never been proven that WMD ever existed in Iraq; consequently, if Hussein did house these potent weapons in his country, he would not hesitate to use them during the war. Other countries would then have to build their own weapons to overpower and intimidate Iraq to surrender creating an arms race much like the nuclear arms race of the Cold War. Countries could no longer offer their citizens safety leading to tensions and fear in the hearts of many. During wars, stability in those regions ends. Power vacuums are created where one minority tries to gain and exert control over the entire nation. Because of the regime change, people no longer have a source of protection, nor do they have a force to bring
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PSC 113, War in Iraq - War in Iraq Sylwester Czado PSC 113...

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