Lab #4 - Determination of a Chemical Formula Sylwester...

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Determination of a Chemical Formula Sylwester Czado Chemistry 191 Lab Report, Experiment #8 Lab Partners: Ellen Richer, Michael Folcarelli, Bukola Bakare Instructor: Brian Corbett 9-29-05
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Introduction The purpose of doing this particular experiment was to determine the iodine/ zinc mass ratio for zinc iodide. This is done by reacting zinc with iodine in a solution. I will use the mass ratio and the iodine/ zinc atomic mass ratio to determine the simplest chemical formula for zinc iodide. I am using this particular method so that I will be able to write a balanced chemical equation for the reaction of zinc with iodine. This will show that mass is conserved in a chemical reaction. Procedure The supplies that are needed are: Variable-temperature electric hot plate, aluminum foil, glazed weighing paper, 125-mL Erlenmeyer flask, and a desiccator (optional). The chemicals that are needed are: 20-mesh granular zinc metal, I 2 (s), and methanol. Safety Precautions: Handle solid iodine with care because it can cause burns. Wash with soap and water if iodine is spilled on your skin. Iodine is corrosive to stainless steel balance pans, so clean up spills quickly. Wash it off with water if it spills on your skin or clothing. Methanol is flammable and toxic, so avoid breathing the vapor or spilling it on your hands. There should be no open flames in the laboratory, so work in a fume hood. 1.
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Lab #4 - Determination of a Chemical Formula Sylwester...

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