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optional lab 2.1 - • Read the questions carefully and...

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Optional Lab 2.1- Safety of Exercise Participation Sylwester Czado PEX 275 Lab Instructor: Colleen Chesson 11-13-06
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Purpose Physical activity is any body movement carried out by the skeletal muscles and requiring energy. Exercise is a planned, structured, repetitive movement of the body so that you can improve or maintain physical fitness. Both physical activity and exercise improves our health and fitness. Through this lab, I will answer questions from a questionnaire. This questionnaire is titled “PAR-Q & YOU” which is a questionnaire for people aged 15 to 69. This will tell you if you should check with a doctor before becoming more physically active. Methods Use your common sense when answering the questions
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Unformatted text preview: • Read the questions carefully and answer ach one honestly • Check YES or NO • Complete as much of the health profile as possible Results IN THE DATA COLLECTION SHEETS Conclusion I learned in this lab that it is important to be physically active every day. However, it is important to know whether or not you are capable of becoming more physically active. This lab indicated that exercise will be safe for me. With the information and skills I learned, I could help others determine whether or not they can become more physically active, or if they should see a doctor. However, if they are over the age of 69 and they are not used to being very active, then they have to check with their doctor....
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optional lab 2.1 - • Read the questions carefully and...

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