lab 6.1 - Lab 6.1- Assessing Body Mass Index and Body...

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Lab 6.1- Assessing Body Mass Index and Body Composition Sylwester Czado PEX 275 Lab Instructor: Colleen Chesson 11-27-06
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Purpose Body mass index is a measure of relative body weight correlating highly with direct measures of body fat. This is calculated by dividing total body weight (kg) by the square of body height (m). Body composition is the body’s relative amounts of fat mass and fat-free mass. I will apply these concepts when going through this lab. Furthermore, I will determine my body mass index and body composition through skinfold measurements. Methods Body Mass Index Equipment: Weight scale and a tape measure or other means of measuring height Measure your height and weight. Then record the results with the correct unit of measurement Calculate and rate your BMI. Then record your results. Skinfold Measurements Equipment: Skinfold calipers, partner to take measurements, and marking pen Select and locate the correct sides for measurement. All measurements should be taken on the right side of the body with the subject standing. This is measured on the natural fold line of the skin, either vertically or at a slight angle. The sites for males are chest, abdomen, and thigh; for females, triceps, suprailium, and thigh. If necessary, you can mark the sites with a marking pen. Chest: Pinch a diagonal fold halfway between the nipple and the shoulder crease Abdomen: Pinch a vertical fold about 1 inch to the right of the umbilicus (navel) Thigh: Pinch a vertical fold midway between the top of the hipbone and kneecap
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lab 6.1 - Lab 6.1- Assessing Body Mass Index and Body...

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