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Journal Question #1 - Sylwester Czado KIN 278 Journal...

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Sylwester Czado 10-22-07 KIN 278, Journal Question #1 I identify my socioeconomic class as lower-middle class. I work part-time at CVS while trying to get an education. I live in an urban neighborhood that consists mostly of whites who have a similar class backgrounds as I do. Specifically, I live in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. For most of my life, my family lived in an apartment. We bought a house prior to me beginning 8 th grade in middle school. My household consists of my parents, a younger sister (17-years-old to be exact), and myself. All four of us have our own cars now that my sister got a driver’s license. However, they are all used cars. The general price of a home in my neighborhood is around $250,000. The household income of my parents generally fits the lower-middle class characteristic. My family likes to go on vacations a good amount because we have family in Europe, mainly Poland. My parents were born in Poland, but I was not. We try to go visit every 2-3 years while one of my parents stays in America to watch the house and work. I have been to many places in Europe including: Italy, Poland, France, and Austria, just to name a few. I say that I come from a lower-middle class because my parents came from Europe as refugees. They wanted a better life and more opportunity so they moved from Poland, to Italy, to San Diego, and finally to Woonsocket. They had to begin from scratch
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Journal Question #1 - Sylwester Czado KIN 278 Journal...

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