Exam #2- Take Home Exam

Exam #2- Take Home Exam - Sylwester Czado KIN 278, Take...

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Sylwester Czado 12-17-07 KIN 278, Take Home Exam- Question #3 Cultural diversity is a new awareness in the U.S. of the wide range of cultural backgrounds of people in the U.S and how those backgrounds influence people’s public lives differentially. This is in terms of opportunities in society, cultural activities, access to power, social relations with others, and investments in America. One factor is cultural diversity initiatives is contemporary politics, specifically the “Culture Wars.” The “Culture Wars” was one of the social forces that produced the contemporary interest in cultural diversity. The era of “Culture Wars” has taken place in the U.S. from the late 1980’s to the early 1990’s and still continuing. Conservatives are also known as traditionalists. These are people who fear new awareness of cultural diversity. They seek restoration of white normativity in America, thus representing monoculturalism. Conservative arguments are usually about protecting American traditions, preserving family values, and embracing the ‘rights of individuals’ over ‘group rights.’ These arguments are often created and embraced by white straight men and women of various class backgrounds. The purpose behind this is due to the fear of the loss of white normativity. Liberals are also known as progressives. These are people who acknowledge high racial and ethical diversity of U.S. population and history of inequalities faced by marginalized groups. They seek development of multicultural images of America. This
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Exam #2- Take Home Exam - Sylwester Czado KIN 278, Take...

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