lab 4.2 - Lab 4.2- Assessing Your Current Level of Muscular...

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Lab 4.2- Assessing Your Current Level of Muscular Endurance Sylwester Czado PEX 275 Lab Instructor: Colleen Chesson 10-30-06
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Muscular endurance can be assessed by determining the number of repetitions of a particular exercise that can be performed. Muscle endurance is the ability of a muscle or group of muscles to remain contracted or to contract repeatedly. Enhanced muscular endurance can lead to improvements in the areas of performance, injury prevention, body composition, self-image, lifetime muscle and bone health, and chronic disease prevention. Through this lab I will test the muscular endurance of major muscle groups in my body by taking the curl-up test and the push-up test. Methods The Curl-Up Test Equipment: Four 6-inch strips of self-stick Velcro or heavy tape, a ruler, partner, and a mat (optional) Start by laying on your back on the floor or mat, arms straight and by your sides, shoulders relaxed, palms down and on the floor, and fingers straight. Adjust your position so that the longest fingertip of each hand touches the end of the near strip of Velcro or tape. Your knees should be bent about 90 degrees, with your feet about 12-18 inches from your buttocks. Flex your spine while sliding your fingers across the floor until the fingertips of each hand reach the second strip of Velcro or tape. Then return to the starting position. Your shoulders must be returned to touch the mat between curl-ups, but the head does not need to be touched. Shoulders must remain relaxed throughout the curl-up, and feet and buttocks must stay on the floor. Breathe easily, exhaling during the lift phase of the curl-up so you will not hold your breath.
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lab 4.2 - Lab 4.2- Assessing Your Current Level of Muscular...

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