Persian war study guide(2)

Persian war study guide(2) - What The Persian Wars When 449...

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What : The Persian Wars When: 449 BC- 448 BC Who: Several Greek city-states and the Persian Empire Why: The Lydians of Western Asia Minor were the first nations to conquer the Asiatic Greeks. Alyattes II first made war on Miletus which ended with a treaty of alliance between Miletus and Lydia, [3] which meant that Miletus would have internal autonomy but follow Lydia in foreign affairs. Thus they sent an army to aid him in his war against the Medes . During a battle between the Lydians and the Medes a total solar eclipse took place, believed to be that of May 28 , 585 BC , which had been predicted by Thales the Milesian.The battle was suspended out of alarm, peace was signed that was strengthened by a royal marriage, and the river Halys was set up as the frontier between the Lydians and the Medes. [4] Croesus succeeded his father in 560 BC and made war on the other Greek city states of Asia Minor. He conquered them and forced them to pay tribute but did not extend his realm to the islands of the Aegean. [5] Cyrus the Great rebelled against the Medes in 554 BC / 553 BC [6] and after four years conquered the Medes and founded the Persian Empire. Croesus saw this as an opportunity to extend his realm and asked the oracle of Delphi whether he should make war. The Oracle replied with one of its more famous answers, that if Croesus was to cross the river Halys he would destroy a great empire . [7] Croesus did not realise the ambiguity of the statement and marched to war but was defeated and his capital fell to Cyrus. [8] The Greek city-states then sent messenger to Cyrus asking to have the same terms as under Croesus but, with the exception of Miletus, Cyrus refused, saying they should have asked while the outcome of the war was undecided, as had Miletus. [9]
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Persian war study guide(2) - What The Persian Wars When 449...

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