Case Study #1

Case Study #1 - Sylwester Czado KIN 325, Case Study 1...

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Sylwester Czado 3-7-07 KIN 325, Case Study 1 1. The client has many risk factors according to the ACSM standards. The client has a sum of three positive risk factors which include dyslipidemia, obesity, and sedentary lifestyle. Thus, I have determined that the client is at moderate risk because he has more than two CAD risk factors and he is older than 45 years old. He is affected by dyslipidemia because he has LDL cholesterol over 130 mg/dL; total cholesterol at almost 200 mg/Dl; triglycerides over 150; and an HDL less than 60 mg/dL. He is obese because he has a BMI of 31 (99 kg/ 1.78 2 m 2 ). Finally, he has somewhat of a sedentary lifestyle because he does not meet the minimal physical activity recommendations from the U.S Surgeon General’s Report. 2. Other considerations I would have regarding the client’s health and fitness is his orthopedic limitations, stress, diet, triglycerides, time, and exercise history. He has knee pain with running and lower back pain. It is likely that he is often
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Case Study #1 - Sylwester Czado KIN 325, Case Study 1...

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