Assignment #4

Assignment #4 - Social Class as Culture An Examination of...

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Social Class as Culture: An Examination of Food Shopping by Class Sylwester Czado Assignment #4 Instructor: Dr. Rosaria A. Pisa 11-21-06
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In this assignment, I will compare food shopping at an upscale supermarket that caters to a middle class to upper middle class customer with a popular and typical supermarket that caters to the working poor, working class, and middle class. Specifically, I will compare Belmont’s Market to Price Rite. This will show how food consumption and food shopping represents how we experience life through our class culture. I went to Belmont’s Market located in Wakefield. The clientele that shops here is middle to upper class. This supermarket mainly sells organic and gourmet foods. The supermarket is divided into eight aisles not including produce. They comprised of all organic cereals, prepared foods, canned meat, cookies, and international foods. Also sold were items such as juice, fruit snacks, coffee, tea, chips, soda, water, bread, frozen foods, and dairy products. The supermarket also includes a bakery, butcher’s shop (meat), and produce which include vegetables and fruits. The arrangement of food was unique. Everything was stocked on shelves and nothing was on the ground. All the cans and products that had to be “faced” were done so. I noticed that the quality of food was great. The vegetables and fruits seemed fresh and were not rotten. The prepared food was organized . The layout of the store was a little complex with many displays of products. However, I did find it was creative how they named the aisles after roads. The lighting was somewhat dim and the colors were neutral, bold, and green. There were many displays promoting certain products on sale. The music was very faint and the only sounds I could hear are those of people shopping with their carriages. Magazines were not sold at the checkout; however there was a section for magazines and
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Assignment #4 - Social Class as Culture An Examination of...

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