Optional Lab 10.1

Optional Lab 10.1 - (no anxiety very high anxiety Then...

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Optional Lab 10.1- Identifying Your Stress Level and Key Stressors Sylwester Czado PEX 275 Lab Instructor: Colleen Chesson 12-11-06
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Purpose Stress is the collective physiological and emotional response to any stimulus that disturbs an individual’s homeostasis. A stressor is any physical or psychological event or condition that produces stress. Through this lab, I will identify my stress level and key stressors. I will look at which symptoms of stress I experience on a daily basis. Methods Answer the questions by checking “yes” or “no” next to each of the symptoms of excess stress. Complete the weekly stress log to see patterns of stress levels and identify sources of stress. Enter a score for each hour of each day. Stress levels are rated from 1-5
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Unformatted text preview: (no anxiety- very high anxiety). Then calculate the average weekly stress score. Results IN THE DATA COLLECTION SHEETS Conclusion I learned in this lab that stress can affect a person’s overall wellness. I determined that my overall stress level is 1 which stands for no anxiety. With the information and skills I learned, I could help others with their stress and how to manage their stress. It is not a problem if you experience some stress-related symptoms. However, if you experience many stress symptoms, you may have a high level of stress. This could be used in the future to help people cope with stress and identify what makes them experience stress....
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Optional Lab 10.1 - (no anxiety very high anxiety Then...

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