optional lab 2.2

optional lab 2.2 - on each one Keep track of the number of...

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Optional Lab 2.2- Your Physical Activity Profile Sylwester Czado PEX 275 Lab Instructor: Colleen Chesson 11-13-06
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Purpose There are many health benefits associated with becoming more physically active. Also, physical activity provides numerous health benefits and decreases the risk of many diseases. Through this lab I will find out my overall level of activity on a typical day. This will determine how much physical activity I go through in general. Methods The amount of time spent on sleep and on light, moderate, and vigorous activity should total 24 hours Complete the chart below by filling in the activities and the amount of time spent
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Unformatted text preview: on each one Keep track of the number of flights of stairs that were climbed Classify each activity as light, moderate, or vigorous Results IN THE DATA COLLECTION SHEETS Conclusion In this lab, I learned that I need to become more involved in vigorous activity. Furthermore, I need to be more active in my daily life. I could use these new skills and information to help others determine whether or not they get enough physical activity on a given day. In addition to improving cardiovascular fitness, I can help people to understand that reaching their optimal health is important in their lifestyles....
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optional lab 2.2 - on each one Keep track of the number of...

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