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PESS100 Article - currently could be effective In France...

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Justin Nelson PESS100 Article Review “Let’s go back to the ‘Golden Age’ of Greece” is the solution of the article. Back in the day they had half of the day designated to physical and mental fitness. The first half was Art, Music, and Literature. The other half of the day went to Gymnastics. It was important to the Greeks to enhance the mind and body. Eventually scholars shunned the physical aspect of school, and incorporated more classes to develop mental power. Now days most physical education programs are the shortest part of the day and under looked. Recent studies that have been conducted have shown that old practices were, and
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Unformatted text preview: currently could be effective. In France they more than doubled the amount of time in the physical education program per week and took out homework. Some affects were greater physical growth, fewer problems, matured quicker, and had better overall health. Other studies have been conducted with similar results in other countries as well. Overall there seems to be productive results with using a longer physical education program. More studies should be taken, especially within the U.S. to prove theories....
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