adolescent teens - have smoked cigarettes About 580,000...

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Marijuana is one the most popular drug with adolescent teens. It has a much higher rate of use than any other drug. Studies have shown that there has been a significant increase in marijuana use over any other drug. As an example cocaine use has been mostly steady within most studies. Drugs play a significant factor in school aged children. Studies have results of 8 th grade children increasing use of marijuana over 50% over three years. Other drugs have been tested for use as well for the same group, and other drugs have a much lower usage rate. Although there are other drugs that worse, but marijuana can lead to those worse drugs. It may start out as a few time uses, but eventually grow into bigger problems.
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If an adolescent at the age of 12 starts out with marijuana, they will eventually want to try something else. Much worse drugs are taken, and it becomes a much bigger problem. In 2006 roughly 1.6 million teens between ages 12 and 17
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Unformatted text preview: have smoked cigarettes. About 580,000 used marijuana, and 631,000 have had alcohol. An average of 8,000 teens had alcohol for the first time. Almost 14,500 had tried other types of drugs for the first time (ex. marijuana, pain relievers, and cigarettes). Use of drugs at such a young age significantly increases the use of other drugs later on. There are groups of adolescents that are at a higher risk than others. They include those with a broken family, abusive parents, depressed children, and others that suffer similar problems. 2008 August 1998 Steinberg, L. (1989). Adolescence. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, Inc. pp. 406-412. Steinglass, P. (1979). Family therapy with alcoholics: A review. In Kaufman, E. & Kaufman, P. (Eds.). Family therapy of drug and alcohol abuse. New York: Gardner Press. pp. 147-186....
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adolescent teens - have smoked cigarettes About 580,000...

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