The Ganges and the GOd Garden

The Ganges and the GOd Garden - Mariam Khan EXPOS Writing...

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Mariam Khan EXPOS Writing 101: GE Prof. Kjelle Paper #3 (FD) “Playing God in the Garden” and “The Ganges’ Next Life” In our world today, technology is playing an increasingly greater role in our lives. Everywhere we go we see the use of new technology and it is always being improved. But often times, with this technology can come controversy. The use of technology in agriculture is one example of how technology can become controversial. Michael Pollan, in his essay “Playing God in the Garden” makes the argument against the use of technology, saying that it brings more bad then good. But, as seen in Alexander Stille’s “The Ganges Next Life”, technology is necessary for progress to benefit people especially for the poor. In his essay, Stille shows several examples of how technology has brought about great benefit to the people of India as they tried to deal with the pollution problem of Ganges River. While new technology may have its downfalls, it is generally more beneficial because of its ability to help serve large groups of people with little effort. For many Indians, saving the Ganges River, a river that runs throughout India, was much more than simply saving a river that was, after many years of pollution, deteriorating. It was about saving the environment, saving the lives of millions living around the river that were getting waterborne illnesses due to the river, and especially preserving culture and religious traditions tied to the river. The Ganges River is given great significance in Hinduism, the prominently practiced religion of India. Technology has come to help solve many of these issues in India. For instance, there has much modern technology that helps clean the river, and although
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it is very expensive, it has helped. Another instance is in the use of burial practices in India, where technology has replaced traditional burials and has therefore made it cheaper for citizens,
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The Ganges and the GOd Garden - Mariam Khan EXPOS Writing...

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