chem lab report 2

chem lab report 2 - Richard Hogan Jimmy Mouchon 9/26/07...

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Richard Hogan Jimmy Mouchon 9/26/07 Experiment 2: Paper Chromatography Chemistry 102, Section 6 TA: Christina Liuzzi
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Purpose of Experiment: The purpose of this experiment is to use Chromatography to determine the Rf values for specific dyes being used in the experiment. This will be achieved by putting spots of dye on the Chromatography paper, and then letting them soak up salt water. The Rf value is determined by how far the spot moves up the paper in relation to how far the salt water moves. These Rf values are then used to determine the identity of the unknown dye. Experimental Procedure: We first filled a 250mL beaker with approximately .25cm of .2% NaCl (aq). We then used a paperclip to spot the standard dye on the Chromatography Paper approximately 1cm from the bottom of the paper. Next we placed the Chromatography Paper in the beaker and waited for the NaCl solution to rise up the paper. When the sample reached the top of the beaker we pulled the paper out and measured how high the NaCl solution traveled, as well as how far the dots had traveled. We then used more NaCl solution to dissolve the color coating off the candies. After we had the candy dye we
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chem lab report 2 - Richard Hogan Jimmy Mouchon 9/26/07...

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