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chem lab report 3 - Richard Hogan Jimmy Mouchon 10/3/07...

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Richard Hogan Jimmy Mouchon 10/3/07 Experiment 3: Tracking Zinc Through Chemical Reactions TA: Christina Liuzzi Chemistry 102, Section 6
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Purpose of Experiment: The purpose of this experiment is to determine the percent yield of a series of chemical reactions centering around zinc. We be turning ZnCO 3 into ZnO by dissolving the it in HCl, then adding NaOH. Then we will cook off the excess H 2 O so we are left with ZnO, which we will then mass out and compare to our theoretical yield to determine the percent yield. Experimental Procedure: First we massed out .5g ZnCO 3 into a test tube, to which we then stirred in 4mL of 3M HCl. We then also stirred in 2mL of 3M NaOH, which was then placed in the centrifuge for two minutes. Next we removed the solution above the precipitate with a pipet, then we added 2mL of water and repeated the process to be sure there was no NaOH or HCl present. When that was completed we added another 2Ml of water to the precipitate and poured the mixture into a beaker which we then cooked on a hot plate until all the water had evaporated. Next we massed out the ZnO that was left in the
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chem lab report 3 - Richard Hogan Jimmy Mouchon 10/3/07...

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