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Unformatted text preview: Calculations involving molarity Rmr: mole ratios Molarity = number of millimoles of solute/number of milliliters of solution Titration Calculations for acid/base titrations Oxidation/ Reduction Reaction All balanced equations must satisfy two criteria: The same number of atoms of each kind must appear in reactants and products There must be charge balance Balancing Redox Equations Adding ions to balance In acidic solution: we add only H+ or H3O+ In basic solution : we add only OH or H2O Acidic solution: 1 Write half reactions 2 Balance the amount (number of each) 3 For each O needed add one H2O 4 For each H needed add one H+ 5 Count up charge and add e to appropriate side 1 Basic solution: 1. Write half reactions 2. Balance the amount (number of each) 3. For each O needed, add one H2O 4. For each H needed add one H2O to side needing H and one OH to other side Calculations for redox titrations ...
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