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TITLE IX PAPER - sports law - Peter Licalzi Women in Sports...

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Peter Licalzi 11/27/07 Women in Sports Title IX and “Equality” Title IX began ruining the lives of male athletes in 1972 when Nixon signed and passed the bill. It began as an anti-discrimination tool that aided women in their quest for equality. I believe it helped women in sports as a whole, and I am in no way against equality, but the evolution of the original bill has taken it overboard. It originally stated, "No person in the U.S. shall, on the basis of sex be excluded from participation in, or denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any educational program or activity receiving federal aid (AAUP)." If that statement was all that Title IX stood for, then I would have no opposition towards it, but men are currently being discriminated against. Although it may have its benefits, I believe the negatives currently outweigh the positives. The first problem is that there is a pot of money being equally tapped into for men’s and women’s sports (Title IX). That is wrong because men bring in a lot more money than women. I would not have such a big problem with that if the women’s sports weren’t bringing down smaller men’s sports such as soccer and wrestling. Big sports around the country are being taken away from colleges because of this law. Men’s soccer and wrestling are among those that have been hit the hardest. Title IX has pretty much ridded the Big 12 of men’s soccer, which can be a quasi-major revenue sport. A lot more people are going to pay money to watch a men’s soccer game than a women’s rowing match, which is one of the sports that is replacing these men’s sports. These sports that
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could be generating revenue do not have that opportunity because Title IX won’t let them exist at a collegiate level, so less money is being brought into the college. When money is spent, the United States economy thrives. Since less money is being spent, Title IX may be negativley impacting our economy. There are many people who depend on sports to get into college. Sports scholarships are one of the best things that has happened to sports because it gives so many people an opportunity to get into college who otherwise would have been unable to afford tuition. Most of the best athletes in the NBA and NFL may not be there right now if it weren’t for scholarships. Soccer is beginning to thrive in the United States, becoming more popular every year. One thing that is impeding the progress of American soccer is the fact that so many good soccer players don’t have the opportunity to go to college because of Title IX. For example, in high school I played with some of the top soccer players in the country. Two of my teammates were on the US youth national team and one was on the Uruguay youth national team. Three more I played with were in the national pool. Only one of those six people went on to play in college although every one of them could have easily played for a high powered Division 1 school. None of them
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TITLE IX PAPER - sports law - Peter Licalzi Women in Sports...

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