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Unformatted text preview: Johnny Got H is Gun Question What purpose in the novel does Jose's story serve? Jose is a man that Jon worked with at a bakery before the war. He came from a homeless shelter and told stories about how he wanted to work in a California studio. He finally gets a job in the studio, but does not want to quit the job at the bakery because he feels indebted to the owner, Jody Simmons. The workers think of ways to help him get fired, and Jose drops a cart of pies in front of Simmons, prompting him to fire Jose. Trumbo may be making a point about America's working-class with this story. The workers all despise the bakery and want to quit, but Jose has a hard time doing i t because he feels indebted to Simmons. What shouldn't be a problem turns into a big one when Jose cannot quit his job. ...
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