Test 3 - Performance Characteristics Of a Two Spool...

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Performance Characteristics Of a Two Spool Turbofan Engine Matt Foreman 11/17/2006
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Problem Turbofan engines are much more efficient at subsonic speeds than comparable turbojets. However, the turbofans efficiency is limited by the size of the fan which limits the speed of the turbine due to limitations on gearbox size. This problem can be alleviated by a two spool turbofan engine which would allow the Fan, a low pressure compressor, and a low pressure turbine to rotate on one shaft while a high pressure turbine and a high pressure compressor rotated on a second shaft as shown in Figure 1. This allows the engine to have a high speed high pressure core surrounding the burner to get thrust from exhaust gases, while also allowing a large fan to be driven by a low pressure turbine. Figure 1. Two Spool Turbofan Engine The analysis of the two spool turbofan engine will be completed using the component efficiencies and operating conditions found in Table 1. The performance will be analyzed using several different measures. The analysis will show the variation in Specific Thrust, ST, Thrust Specific Fuel Consumption, TSFC, Propulsive Efficiency, η
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Test 3 - Performance Characteristics Of a Two Spool...

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