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HDFS chapter 8

HDFS chapter 8 - Chapter 8 Key Terms Myelination The...

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Chapter 8 Key Terms Myelination : The process by which the nerve cells are covered and insulated with a layer of fat cells, which increases the speed at which information travels through the nervous system. Basal Metabolism Rate : The minimum amount of energy a person uses in a resting state Preoperational stage: Piage’s 2 nd stage lasting from 2 to 7 years of age, during which children begin to represent the world with words, images, and drawings and symbolic thought goes beyond simple connections of sensory information and physical action; stable concepts are formed, mental reasoning emerges, egocentrism is present, and magical beliefs are constructed. Operations: In Piaget’s theory, internalized sets of actions that enable children to do mentally what they formerly did physically. Symbolic function substage: Piaget’s first substage of preoperational thought, in which the child gains the ability to mentally represent an object that is not present (between 2 and 4 years of age) Egocentrism:
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