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Chapter 13 Key Terms: Identity versus identity confusion: Erikson’s fifth developmental stage, which occurs during adolescence. At this time, individuals are faced with deciding on who they are, what they are all about, and where they are going in life. Psychosocial moratorium: Erikson’s term for the gap between childhood security and adult autonomy that adolescents experience as part of their identity exploration. Crisis: Marcia’s term for a period of identity development during which the adolescent is choosing among meaningful alternatives. Commitment: Marcia’s term for the part of identity development in which adolescents show a personal investment in what they are going to do. Identity diffusion: Marcia’s term for adolescents who have not yet experienced a crisis (explored meaningful alternatives) or made any commitments. Identity foreclosure: Marcia’s term for adolescents who have made a commitment but have not experienced a crisis. Identity moratorium:
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