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polysci notes 4 - 1/31 Aristotle's Political Organization...

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1/31 Aristotle’s Political Organization Beliefs Good Bad One Kingship Tyranny Few Aristocracy Oligarchy Many Polity democracy (mob rule) *Good: rule in the interest of ALL, Everybody Not one segment, screwing everyone else *Best? Mixed system-aristocracy and polity, rule by the few and the many, best supported by a large middle class. *Aristotle warns against social order where a few have great possessions but the many are left with nothing-leads to instability and a possible revolution * Rule of Law- everyone is governed by the law, even the rulers -Aristotle says it is “reason unaffected by desire” *Says society should be large enough to be self-sufficient but small enough so that every citizen can participate in the government. *Territory should be moderately sized, easily defended, easily surveyed, and accessible by land and sea *Equals should be treated equally; unequals should not be treated equally -those who have earned wealth should have wealth-those who haven’t earned ti shouldn’t have It *Polity should audit books every year *Citizens should be educated in the spirit of the polity (proud but not to proud) Aristotle’s Significance After he disappeared his works did not reappear for 1400 years His works were recovered by the Arab crusaders who learned from them They were rediscovered by St. Thomas of Aquinas (1200s) when Europeans took his works from the Arabs Empirical basis of knowledge and its influence on politics (opposite of Plato and Socrates) Knowledge based on observation, physical, and natural study
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polysci notes 4 - 1/31 Aristotle's Political Organization...

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